My office decor

Art by firstborn (3 yrs old)… I like how she deconstructed Owlette and Gecko but not Catboy… wonder what her reasoning was… static leader and flexible crew? Untouchable leader who out of respect should not be colored differently? Probably just postmodern randomness with no meaning knowing firstborn’s sense of humor.

Also note Rapunzel’s rainbow color long hair. She is obsessed with having long hair and she is obsessed with everything rainbow color. It’s like rainbow color is her crack right now.

May one day every child who dreams of being an astronaut has equal opportunities to do so

Playing with my firstborn (this was on 9/23/18), we talked about space. She said she wanted to fly into space, and I told her there’s something called spacex that is now flying people. Her reaction startled me. She began sobbing she wanted to go. I told her it was really expensive, and she started looking for change around the house to put in her piggy bank. That day she decided she wanted to be an astronaut, and every time she sees change she puts it in her piggy bank #trynottocry #crying #parenting #toddlers

The “terrible twos” or Satan’s Sixth Semester: how your child’s art begins to improve

They shouldn’t call it the “terrible twos.” It’s actually Satan’s Sixth Semester. From 30 months to 36 months of age. Your children become terrorists, but they get better at art #pokemon #itsstillathing #myfirstgamewasyellowversion #pikachu #neverturnyourpikachuintoraichu

The commodification of health in unstructured pretend play

So I’m pretend-playing with my preschooler (she’s the raccoon and monster-baby jack-jack) and I’m Frozone. Frozone gets bit by an ant, and needs medicine. Turns out raccoon is a doctor, and get this, he wants to charge me 1/4 melon for the medicine!!! Wtf? Has techno barbaric capitalism already instilled in my daughter that health is a commodity to be exchanged for profit? Frozone had a fit, but having no alternative, bought the medicine from the raccoon. I was shook. But suddenly, it turns out Monster baby jack jack is also a doctor, and is giving the antbite medicine free. Yes!!! Fuck you capitalist racoon!!