The Human/Ape Condition

Editor’s Note: The idea that we live in a multiverse made up of infinite parallel universes, also called “alternate dimensions”, or “alternate timelines,” has been defended by various prominent physicists. In one of such hypothetical universes, the following conjecture may be taking place, and reflecting upon it may be utility-generating for scholars in various timelines:

Setting: Unknown

50 years after the Whole-Brain-Emulation Scandal and its aftermath, a drone in one of the most inaccessible areas of the jungle photographed the following message, written by carving large letters in the ground and filling them with stones:

 After the flash I woke within the eyes or mind of a monkey. An accident at the lab      resulted in my mind being uploaded into the animal. I immediately noticed the mind-transfer was not total, for the monkey seemed to continue with his life, unaware of another mind within his body. I was, I believed, simply a passive observer. Interestingly, I eventually noticed I’m not a passive observer. I also feel what the monkey feels, and with sufficient willpower, I was surprised to learn, I could influence the monkey’s behavior. However, the more I deviated from the monkey’s expected behavior, the more aggressive the other monkeys became. At this stage, it is extremely unlikely I will ever establish contact with the other researchers. I now enjoy this unstable equilibrium, balancing between taking control of the monkey and minimizing aggression from the others, waiting for my inevitable passing into oblivion. I have no choice in the matter. In the interim, I am thankful to live its life.

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