Depression in self-aware poodles

Editor’s Note: The idea that we live in a multiverse made up of infinite parallel universes, also called “alternate dimensions”, or “alternate timelines,” has been defended by various prominent physicists. In one of such hypothetical universes, the following conjecture may be taking place, and reflecting upon it may be utility-generating for scholars in various timelines:

Setting: Alternate Universe comparable to 22nd century Known-Earth if the imperialist-globalization-stage of 21st century capitalism is followed by Techno-Barbarism.

Perhaps one of the most interesting consumption trends among robot-owner families is the self-aware poodle. Marketeers realized pet-owners enjoyed observing or imagining human-like behavior in their pets. Breeding and genetic engineering eventually led to a breed of poodles so human-like in their behavior, they also obtained self-awareness and human-like cognition. Upon understanding their inevitable deaths in no more than 20 years, and their superfluous role in society, this particular dog breed became prone to depression, suicidal thoughts, social activism, and guerrilla warfare. Pet-owners are advised to speak to their veterinarian if symptoms persist.

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