Pretend Play Diaries

This was today with firstborn:

There once was a mean wolf, who was battled and no longer exists. But years later, animals are disappearing. The only evidence: rainbow-colored paw prints.

It turns out, it’s the wolf’s son. Who got super powers when he was a lonely pup surviving. He also had powers to control the weather and could shoot rainbow colored lava out of its mouth like a dragon.

Luckily, there was a Barbie with water powers (like DC’s Mera) who defeated the wolf.

What if every criminal, was once a child, who we, as a society, failed to give the proper tools?

Does that mean as access to education and quality of education both rise simultaneously, crime will proportionally tend to zero in an asymptotic kind of way? Asymptotic because theoretically or probabilisticaly, crime would never be literally zero. It would most like be like in Bellamy Foster’s utopian novel Looking backward, where crime, though rare, still occurs, and is known as atavisms, or things of the ancient past that now and then pop up.

My office decor

Art by firstborn (3 yrs old)… I like how she deconstructed Owlette and Gecko but not Catboy… wonder what her reasoning was… static leader and flexible crew? Untouchable leader who out of respect should not be colored differently? Probably just postmodern randomness with no meaning knowing firstborn’s sense of humor.

Also note Rapunzel’s rainbow color long hair. She is obsessed with having long hair and she is obsessed with everything rainbow color. It’s like rainbow color is her crack right now.